Lovely Vancouver, B.C.

by Eric on January 21, 2013

One of my most favorite places to go have always been Vancouver, B.C. It’s my little international trip that is ever so close. Living in Los Angeles, CA, if you want to somewhere international, you would have to go to Mexico. Yet, I wanted to see nature at it’s finest and Vancouver never disappoints. I flew straight into Seattle Tacoma Airport and decided to drive my way up to Vancouver, it’s only a 2-3 hour drive! It’s beautiful as you go through the nature of Seattle and the rest of Northern Washington. Side Note: If you wonder why flights are more expensive going into YVR (Vancouver Airport) rather than SEA (Seattle Tacoma Airport), it’s because traveling internationally will charge more taxes. Best Travel Blog Image

I mainly went on this trip to check on a couple of hikes that I’ve been meaning to go back to, as well as to eat some foods that I have been craving! If you don’t know me by now, just know that I love my food. My buddy Kevin and I had to pack everything that we wanted to do in 2 days. Yet, that was no problem since I never travel with a set itinerary. I hate itineraries. In my opinion, itineraries are what make trips stressful and is what puts people in a bad mood. Certain things have to be done at certain times, blah blah blah. Not my thing. I just know what I want to eat usually, and I go with it. I know I wanted to hike so that’s all I had “planned” I guess. Anyways, we came across an aquarium while driving through Stanley Park. Stanley Park is a HUGE park to the north of Vancouver and is so beautiful. Many beautiful hikes, sites, and picturesque landscapes you would not want to miss. I’ve seen the landscapes and all that before, but never the aquarium.

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It was a beautiful aquarium, but I’ve seen my share of aquariums throughout my life all over the United States. I was more amazed by the color of the leaves on the walk towards the aquarium. But yes, like I said, I came mainly for food. We went to a great restaurant in the city after we worked up an appetite driving and venturing all over Stanley Park. We had Roasted Bone Marrow, Oyster Mushroom Pappardelle, and several other delicious dishes.

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Had a couple drinks after that and decided to get some rest for the next day. The next day, we knew we wanted to just eat, hike, eat again. That’s it. First place we went to in the morning was a food truck located right by the waters. This food truck specialized in seafood, and boy did we want seafood. The original dish we wanted to try was not available, but we opted for the Chicken Fried Oyster Sandwich and Poutine. This was THE HIGHLIGHT of our trip. That oyster sandwich was SO amazing. One way I know it’s a keeper is whenever I get a tingly sensation in my cheeks. I’m assuming it’s just me drooling more. Anyways, we enjoyed our sandwiches while looking out at the beautiful view of the water.

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After we grubbed on this, and I do mean devour. We headed straight for Lynn Canyon Park. For tourists, this may not be a place you get recommended to. But this is my favorite spot to hit up in Vancouver if I’m looking for nature. I prefer this over paying to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge and even over Stanley Park. They have an amazing hike that will take you down to a river. Yes, the water was freezing, but I always have to venture into it a bit to go on some of the rocks. I wouldn’t recommend it if the weather is cold, but hey, I’m a bit crazy at times and wanted to go. I couldn’t feel my toes, but hey, I was only there for 2 nights. Why not? It was an awesome view as always, an awesome experience, and even has it’s own little suspension bridge. For Free!!

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After we ventured back to our cars and decided to relax a bit. We knew we wanted to go to a bar that we had found a couple years back. We looked all over the city, to places that sounded familiar, and places that looked familiar. We walked maybe 5-7 miles before realizing that we should go back to the hotel to find out where we stayed previously. My friend Kevin said he can find it, as long as we start at the hotel we stayed at before. As we started walking back to our hotel after maybe 2 hours of searching, we realized…….that the street we were looking for was the street our hotel was on! What a rush of energy we had! We got excited as if we found gold. We wandered out to hunt for this bar that we went to last time that had some amazing calamari, pizza, and beers! Finally found this location and boy were we happy.


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We always consider it a successful trip one where we found some great food and had a good time overall. This was a successful trip.



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